Workshops promoting the re-use of sheepskin and leather products

We’re passionate about using sustainable materials which do not damage the environment – this is achieved both by using materials whose creation is not damaging itself, and also by using materials that are durable and last a lifetime and therefore do not need to be replaced. Leather and sheepskin are brilliant materials for achieving both of these goals, but we think that it is very important, when using animal based materials, to be conscious of where these materials come from and to have respect for them.

Therefore, we promote the re-use of these materials – of course you can donate old sheepskin and leather items if you no longer want them, but we want to encourage people to ‘upcycle’ and tailor these items to become items that they do want to use. We’re holding a series of workshops in Denmark to teach people to re-use their leather and sheepskin products, teaching them how to make alterations and recycle the materials effectively.

If you want to learn more about the techniques taught in these workshops, get in touch with us.

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